Movie Mania: Stoker

Last week I finally got around to watching “Stoker”, a film I was excited about for quite some time. Starring Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode this the psycho thriller raised my expectations.


The Plot:
It’s India’s 18th birthday when her father dies in a car accident. The grieving mother and daughter are soon joined by the mysterious Charlie, brother of the deceased. However, strange coincidences start piling up…


The Rating:
Let me cover the positive aspects first. I enjoyed the way sound and close up images are used in this film. It’s an unfamiliar way of showing and intensifying certain moments.
Apart from that Mia Wasikowska gives a rather strong performance. Playing a somber girl who is hard to see through and get to is simply her perfect role.
Well, unfortunately that’s about all the positive stuff I have.
Although the movie can score with some nice images (as mentioned above) no atmosphere is created. There is nothing that gives you chills, excites you or simply captures you. That’s very annoying as atmosphere to me is an extremely important aspect when it comes to thrillers.
Another point that didn’t impress me was the music. The classic stuff was actually very well-fitting for the film but what just couldn’t blend in are the modern songs. I was particularly irritated by “Summer Wine” as this song was covered for a rather successful German movie only a few years (completely different story and genre). The song was repeated several times throughout the film and it just vexed every time as I had associations with the songs that absolutely didn’t match “Stoker”.
What annoyed me most in this movie is by far Nicole Kidman. Her performance is vacuous. Although her character is supposed to be somehow cold and distanced, she just doesn’t get anything across. Empty and expressionless. I’ve always enjoyed Kidman’s movies and was very disappointed with this one.
A last comment on the story in general: I guess what they wanted to create is one of those M. Night. Shyamalan plot twist that leave you gasping for air. Well, that didn’t work. Due to the fact that the story never captures you, you aren’t fazed a single bit at the end.

All in all it’s just a pale and disappointing movie that has barely a thing to say. You can skip watching “Stoker”.


Have you seen the film? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Movie Mania: Stoker

  1. I really admire the high expectations you have in movies, it really makes me re-think the movies I watch more or pay more attention, haha 😉
    all I remember from this one is, that it did have a few WTF-moments. but I fell asleep several times as well.

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