5 Thoughts on the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel

The new season is finally here and I couldn’t wait to watch the first two episodes. AHS season 5, titled Hotel, centers around the Cortez – a very unusual and gloomy hotel in Los Angeles…



#1 The Atmosphere:
What amazed about this season is how fast an atmosphere is created that sends shivers down your spine. Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy did an amazing job with the set up, the costumes and the actors.
Believe me, it takes less than five minutes to get sucked into a very very creepy story but you’ll end up wanting more.


#2 The Music:
The absolutely perfect choice of songs deserves a special mention. Joy Division, She Wants Revenge, The Eagles. It all blends in with the general tone of the season. There are several scenes that completely live off their great musical background. Although I loved the soundtrack of season 3, this one is even better.


#3 The Characters:
Watching a new AHS season is always a bit of an adventure. You never know what to expect. There are several characters that seem, well let’s say strange, at first and it takes a little time to get used to them. However, once you’re done with the first episode you’ll embrace all of the new creepy characters. We have it all: Sarah Paulson as Sally (who must have been Nancy Spungen in a former life), Mare Winningham as Miss Evers, ever so faithful maid, Finn Wittrock as Tristan Duff, excentric model, and Lady Gaga…

#4 Lady Gaga:
For her role the countess she deserves a special mention. As I expected, Gaga blends in perfectly. She shows a lot of acting talent and I am impressed with her charisma. I don’t know if -to a certain extend- she is simply playing herself, but whatever, she does it wonderfully!


#5 The Horror:
Hotel was said to be darker than the other season, and believe me the creators weren’t kidding. Although we had quite a lot of blood, violence and gore before on the show, Hotel takes it all to a whole new level. At first you will be shocked but after about half an episode you somehow get used to it. Anyway, you just can’t look away, you want to know what happens next.


What do you think about the new season? Let me know in the comments! =)

19 thoughts on “5 Thoughts on the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel

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