4 Thoughts on “Axis Mundi”, S2E1 of The Leftovers

Those of you who read my blog more often know that I was pretty excited about The Leftovers. Well, the show just returned for a new season and here’s what I tought about Episode 1, Axis Mundi!



  1. I was confused. Very confused.
    The episode kicks off with some sort of flashback into the stone age. We watch a woman have a child (I didn’t want to see that in such detail…) and wander the surroundings, after everybody else died when an earthquake closed off a cave. This sequence goes on for quite a long time, so I really had to hit the pause button to check online whether I am watching the Leftovers or something completely different.
  2. So many new faces.
    Almost the entire cast is new. It takes some time to get used to but somewhere halfway through the episode we get to see some familiar characters. To be honest I had almost forgotten about them returning.
  3. The atmosphere.
    After that cave man thing was over and we got back to the present time the show started with an unusual lightness. For a few minutes everything seemed nice and everyone was happy. Anyway it didn’t take long until we got back to what we are used to. Dark aspects come up and an atmosphere is created that gives you goosebumps.
  4. No idea what to expect.
    In this episode a whole lot of points were touched that will definitely become different plot strings in the future. So far we get to see some strange stuff, but we have basically no idea what it means. Therefore, it’s difficult to tell what this season will be like but I’m very excited to find out!


Although I was reather irritated at first, Axis Mundi is a great start for this season. The show hasn’t lost any of it’s power and still comes up with great visuals. Can’t wait to see more!


What do you think? Have you seen the episode? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “4 Thoughts on “Axis Mundi”, S2E1 of The Leftovers

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