Shallow World – What you wear determines who you are

I haven’t done this kind of post in while but this is something that really matters to me.
I’m sure all of you have experienced different treatment depending on what you look like. Keeping that in mind, I carried out a little experiment a few weeks ago.


What happened:
In September I attended the FAFGA-fair. This is a trade fair for gastronomy, hotel and design. We (my boyfriend + me) went there two days in a row to test something. On Tuesday we were dressed casually. Nothing fancy but some nice clothes. However, walking around there it felt like most of the exhibitors were considering us as annoying people only there to get free stuff. I definitely had the impression that none of them thought that we could actually be potential customers. They all seemed to hope we’d move on quickly to bother someone else.
After this rather strange experience we decided to show up again on the next day – dressed up. My boyfriend came in suit and tie, I was wearing my business costume with high heels. Believe me, I didn’t expect the difference it made.
We had barely entered the area when some guy approached me and wanted to sell me an entire hotel interior. (I guess I looked like I’d own an entire hotel…). Continuing our way through the fair people were constantly approaching us, giving us free samples, inviting us to check out there stuff.


I had expected that dressing up might affect the way people would treat us, but I was honestly shocked to see the huge difference. People are so shallow, it’s disgusting. We didn’t own more or less, we weren’t different persons but just because our clothes looked not fancy enough we were treated like second class people on the first day of the fair. Seriously, is that what I want? Having people who ignored me the day before crawl up my ass? Definitely not. This is not the kind of people I want to surround me with.
The experience will remind me not to judge people just based on their looks. Every now and then we all have a tendency to do that but I try really hard not to participate in this shallow game everyone appears to be playing.


What do you think about that? Let me know in the comments below!


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