4 Popular TV Shows I can’t stand Part 2

As I was zapping through a range of TV channels I came across several shows I absolutely hate. I realised one post was not enough to cover all the shows I can’t stand, so here we go, part 2! (And please try not to hate me too much in case I just ripped apart your favourite show 😉 )


1. The Office:
I was actually determined to love this show. There are so many awesome The Office-quotes on tumblr, this just has to be good, right? Well, no. My excitement was basically shattered after I saw one episode. The whole mockumentary style couldn’t catch my interest. Many of the jokes were not funny and most of the characters just annoyed me.
Although I gave the show another shot, hoping to get me this time, I never warmed up for The Office.


2. Workaholics:
This one is among the top shows in my never-watch-again-list. There is no real plot-line only  a collection of very, very bad jokes that are below the line. I’ve seen two or three episode and never laughed a single time. Many annoying jokes I only commented with rolling my eyes later I decided that Workaholics is definitely not for me.


3. Parks and Recreation:
Parks and Recreation for me bears the same problem as The Office. I don’t like the mockumentary style and all the good jokes I read on tumblr are nowhere to be found in the episodes I saw. I tried very hard to like it but no chance. I guess I have to give up on this one aswell.


4. Grey’s Anatomy:
This might be the most popular show among my list. And it’s also the one I actually watched for more than three episodes. But to be perfectly honest the only reason for that was the time spot. Either broadcasted right before something I liked to watch or at a time absolutely nothing else was available I gave it a chance. But after about 1 1/2 seasons I surrendered. No way I could cope any longer with those over-the-top-characters that get emotional every five minutes. What kept my interest for so long were the medical parts of the show where surgeries etc. are shown but those scenes have no chance of outweighing those romantic outbursts I hate so much.
Never ever watching this again.


What do you think? Any TV shows you can’t stand? Love what I hate? Let  me know in the comments below!

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