Dexter – 8 Thoughts for 8 Seasons

I just finished watching the entire 8 seasons of Dexter. While I was extremely excited when I started watching, I ended with mixed feelings. Read on to find out why!


Season #1:
I love this one. It’s something fresh, something different. Although very dark there is still a sense of goodness and what I liked best: a whole lot of dark humor.


Season #2:
That great thing about this season is that it keeps you excited until the end. You just started to sympathise with Dexter and now you  have to wonder will our anti-hero be uncovered? Will he end up in jail? Will he get away? Is that good or bad?


Season #3:
While the killer-to-be-caught part was a bit weaker in this season, the character developement was amazing. Although Dexter is a psychopath he has to learn how to get by in the world being a normal person. And hey, maybe he ends up not only pretending, but really being normal (or at least at step closer to it).


Season #4:
Very capturing one! The serial killer part was fascinating for me. Figuring out who the Trinity Killer is, why he does what he does and especially the ending of the season. It gets under your skin.


Season #5:
Still coping with the aftermath of Season #4 (both the viewer and Dexter…) we are thrown into a very very dark and gory season. Not my favourite but still extremely well made.


Season #6:
This is where it all starts going downhill. While at least the Doomsday Killer part is somewhat interesting at first, the entire character developement of this season is either non-existent or dull. By now Dexter’s whole killing thing has become a boring routine and absolutely nothing fresh or exciting is added for this season.


Season #7:
Continuing to worsen, for me the character developement was absolutely awful. In the last season is was boring, here it is noncredible and unfitting. Not only Dexter’s but also Deb’s behaviour is somewhat mechanical and uninspired. The funny comments, the dark humor – non-existent here. After five amazing seasons I really would have hoped for more.


Season #8:
I really tried to give this one a chance but it almost everything about this one annoyed me. Starting of with the character of Doctor Vogel being added. She didn’t fit in at all and was a lazy attempt to generate some feeling and excitement. Not working!
However, Deb’s development also was awful in this season. While I always loved her character, her entire season 8 is uninspired and predictable. By now everything Dexter does seems to be a routine thing that hasn’t changed since season #1.
But what I hated most about this season was the ending. I mean seriously, what the hell? Are you kidding me?


So summing up I have to say I should have stopped at season #5. The last three seasons are just awful. But the first five thrilled me, captured me. I was binge-watching but after #5 I just wanted to be done with it. If there ever was a show that continued longer that it should have, it’s Dexter.
Watch season 1-5, be happy and stop there!
What do you think about Dexter? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Dexter – 8 Thoughts for 8 Seasons

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