6 Reasons I love Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British television shows ever. After 814 episodes, one movie and a reboot in 2005, the Doctor is popular as ever. And why now?
Doctor Who is a show you can only adore, here’s why:


#1: The Doctor:
For those not familiar with the show let me explain: The Doctor is a human like alien with two hearts. Actually he is a Timelord from the planet Gallifrey, the last of his species. Furthermore, he has the power to simply regenerate, every time he is about to, thus resulting in a new look (a.k.a. new actor).
What sounds like a clever trick to keep the show alive when one actor gets boring is actually an awesome and unique trade of the show that makes it so special. Every new actor brings something fresh and special to the show. No two doctors are alike. It’s not only the looks that change, but also the personalities. There will be some doctors you like more than other but believe me, you end up loving all of them.
After all every one of them is clever, funny, warm-hearted and kicking ass.


#2: You never know what to expect:
The Doctor can travel through time, so everything and everywhere is possible. A trip 500 years into the future? Sure, why not. Visiting Agatha Christie? Definitely. Every kind of alien, different planets, galaxies, it is all on his list.
What I like best are the historic episodes. It’s so much fun to see real bits of history saved by the Doc.


#3: It gets under your skin:
What I love about Doctor who is how deep it can get. Even when you don’t expect it. You start an episode laughing and end up with tears in your eyes. You may not believe me now, but you’ll see…


#4 The companions:
Nobody likes to travel alone, so from time to time the Doctor gets himself a companion (usually young women from present day U.K.). His companions are just as unique as the Doctor himself. They all have their own traits and you will dig all of them. And you will be just as heart-broken as the Doctor when one of his companions leaves.


#5 The Doctor’s phrases:
He is a highly clever and funny alien, therefore you get tons of really awesome phrases. Reaching from ridiculous explanations like “it’s wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff” to sentences that actually get under your skin: “in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important”.


#6 It’s bigger on the inside – The Tardis:
Short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, the Tardis is his time machine. It is supposed to blend in with the surroundings but the Doctor’s Tardis has a broken chameleon circuit resulting in the time machine looking like a blue police box.
One of the most iconic phrases of the show is definitely “It’s bigger on the inside” relating to the Tardis. It has not only a huge room with controls etc. but also a swimming pool, a library and a lot more…


What do you think? Love the Doctor? Hate him? Let me know in the comments below! =)

13 thoughts on “6 Reasons I love Doctor Who

    • I haven’t seen all episodes to far but I recently reached the Moffat episodes (currently in the middle of season 6) and I have to agree. Season 5 started was pretty nice but #6 so far is my least favourite. The Davis episodes were a lot better!


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