3 Movies that are better than the Books they are based on

It’s extremely hard to turn an amazing book into a film that does it justice. I’ve seen great novel’s completely messed up on the screen. But there are a few movies that actually did better than their original! Read on to find out which adaptations outdo the books they are based on!


The Perks of Being a Wallflower:
To perfectly honest, I didn’t like the book at all. It wasn’t very creative or catchy. For me it felt like it consists solely of clichés. But all the reasons that made me dislike the book were done wonderfully for the adaptation. The movie has a faster pace, the characters are more amiable and it feels warmer and nicer in general. The book annoyed me but as it turns out, I works just perfectly on screen!


Lord of the Rings:
This is a classic. One of the books series that are so famous nobody would ever dare to say they didn’t like it.
Well, I for my part have to say that the books are highly overrated. The story is dragging on forever and it feels like you’re never moving forward. Believe me The Fellowship of the Ring was the longest 300 pages book I ever read…
The films, however, are far better. Some points in the plot were changed and the pace is much faster (thank God!). Although the movies are a bit long, they are worth watching. The adaptation has more spirit, the characters are not as shallow as in the books and the story finally shows development.


A very special case. No matter if it’s book or movie, this one is tough. You should only get started if you have a strong stomach.
First the book: I was excited to read it but as it turned out, it’s not in plain English but in Scottish which made it rather annoying to read. No idea if it’s easier when you have English as mother tongue but I had to concentrate a lot throughout the book to simply follow the plot. The story itself consists of (very very) loosely linked chapter but as it is third person you often have a hard time telling whom the chapter is about. All in all the book simply annoyed me. But the film manages to take up what feels like half of those chapters and turn them into strong visuals that will twist your stomach. The movie reaches an intensity the book never had.


What do you think? Anything to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below! =)



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