TV Shows I’m excited about this Fall

Fall is the season of new seasons! There are many shows whose returning I awaited. Read on to find out what I am most excited about! (click on the show titles for more info!)


1. American Horror Story:
As always AHS is on top of my to-watch list. Although the last season was a bit weak, I’m still very excited for #5. You never know what to expect and this season promises to be darker.


2. The Knick:
The first season’s kick off was intense. I can only hope that season two will be just as good. However, season one lost a bit of its drive somewhere halfway through. But I’m sure they’ll do better on the next one.


3. The Leftovers:
I loved this show for being different. There are a lot of emotions and it gets under your skin. But so far it has not turned into some sci-fi thing which I really appreciate. I hope the second season can keep up the good work!


4. Bob’s Burgers:
Those who read my blog more often will know by now how much I love this show. Louise Belcher is my spirit animal. So far this show has never failed to make me laugh, every season was amazing. So finally get started with season 5, I can’t wait any longer!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to this fall!

8 thoughts on “TV Shows I’m excited about this Fall

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