Movie Mania: Nazis at the Center of the Earth

There have been a few posts on trashy, funny or ridiculous horror movies on my blog. But never about a film like Nazis at the Center of the Earth. This direct to DVD film is brought to you by The Asylum, the same company that is responsible for Sharknado…



The Plot:
A group of scientists is doing research work somewhere in the middle of Antarctica. However, they are abducted by a group of nazis. As it turns out, Dr. Josef Mengele are working on a plan to bring Hitler back and create a Fourth Reich.


The Rating:
I’ve seen my share of weird movies but this one is outstandingly ridiculous. Although this is supposed to be some sci-fi-horror movie, I spent most of laughing.
First of all: the actors. I’m not sure where they found most of the actors, but if they really want to make a living on acting… Well they should start searching for alternative jobs. Some of them were so bad and unconvincing, I couldn’t help but laugh about their either half-hearted or over top performances.
The story. I know the description I gave before already sounds hilariously stupid, but believe me, it’s even funnier when you see it. It’s difficult to determine which scene was the most ridiculous: some transformer/cyborg version of Hitler returning? Mengele putting a new face on some nazi dude and only to watch the skin turn into something that looks suspiciously like corn flakes after two minutes? Tough decision.
Let’s move on to the funniest part of the whole movie: the few bits of German language. I have to admit the movie gets about ten times more comical when you are able to understand German. There are a few scenes in which the nazis speak German subtitled with English. However, what they say and it is supposed to mean does not always correspond…

If you like trash, I promise you will love it. Kept laughing throughout the entire film!


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