Book vs. Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This is the second part in my series of Harry Potter – Book vs. Movie posts. If you liked The Philosopher’s Stone, read on to find out about the second part, The Chamber of Secrets!


The Plot:
Another year in Hogwarts! The young wizard Harry can’t wait to go back to school. After a very exciting first year at the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, everybody hopes for a more relaxed second year, but this isn’t a normal school. Strange events are lurking just around the corner. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened and the whole school lives in fear. Another riddle to solve for the young Mr. Potter and his friends…


Book vs. Movie:
If you read my post on The Philosopher’s Stone, you know how much I fell in love with the books. In The Chamber of Secrets, J. K. Rowling continues to create a magical world that feels almost real. I admire her for coming up with so many amazing aspect. However, The Chamber of Secrets is a bit darker than the first book. It will keep you excited from page one right until the end. There are so many plot twist, you won’t see coming. Rowling wove a marvellous story, a riddle you can’t solve easily. Her characters have so much depth, it’s like you really know them. Simply gorgeous.
The second movie was once again directed by Chris Columbus. He did a great job capturing the atmosphere of the book. While the adaptation is in general very well made, I miss a few of the explanations and background information you get in the book. It takes away a bit of the depth Rowling’s story has. There were several (really funny) scenes in the book I would have loved to see in the movie but unfortunately, they never made it to the final version. All in all the movie is a shallower version of the novel. It’s not only the story itself that loses depth, but also the characters. The movie version doesn’t do Gilderoy Lockhart justice. In the book he was an even bigger douche and believe me, the chapters including him are simply hilarious!
With such an amazing piece of writing it is hard to create a film that lives up to that standard.

Although I didn’t like The Chamber of Secrets as much as I like The Philosopher’s Stone, it is a very good movie. The book, however, is outstanding. If you never read the Harry Potter series, go ahead and do it now. You won’t regret it!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments! =)


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