Little Shop of Horrors – Old vs. New

Little Shop of Horrors is a special kind of film. The original version was shot in 1960, 22 years a musical was produced and in 1986 the musical was turned into a movie. As this is a very interesting take on one and the same story, I decided to look into the old and the new movie for today’s post!


1960 – Directed by Roger Corman


1986 – Directed by Frank Oz


The Plot:
A rather clumsy young man finds a plant. But not an ordinary one as it soon turns out. Audrey (named after his love interest) lives on blood and gets hungrier each day. Fortunately, there is quite a lot of scum in the neighbourhood to make sure Audrey is well fed and growing strong…


Old vs. New:
Roger Corman’s 1960 version of the film is quite different from the new version. Although there is no singing, the movie has it’s very own charm. Despite the rather dark story there are many funny moments and the characters are adorable. However, one little note: If you have the chance, watch it in German. This is something I never said before, but in this case the translated version is even funnier than the original. While I usually frown from watching newly synchronised stuff, I have to admit that the German version is brilliant. The accents and attitudes feel even funnier and livelier than in the English version!
The new version (1986) makes a different entrance. Where the original was in black/white, Frank Oz’ version is very colorful and bright. Making a musical work as a movie is not always easy, especially when you combine fun with horror. But in this case it was done wonderfully. As the new film is not as dark as the original is in some scenes a whole other atmosphere is created. The songs are total singalongs and keep you entertained right until the end. While I suggested watching the original movie in German, it does not work as well for the new one. The talking parts are of course in German, but the songs are only subtitled. As it kind of annoys me to always switch between languages during one film, I keep to the English version of the 1986 film.

One story, two very different films. Bright and colorful vs. dark and funny. A brilliant sing along vs. dark humor. The remake is very different from the original and although it is the same story, both films have only very few things in common. Each director chose his very own way of presenting the plot and it fascinates me how both movies turned out. Depending on what kind of genre you are into, I’m sure one of the two Little Shop of Horror movies will be just perfect!


Let me know in the comments what you think! =)

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