Top 5 Disney Sidekicks

You can probably tell by now that I fancy Disney. I’ve spent many hours watching the movies and today I decided to dedicate a post to all the sidekicks that never failed to make me laugh!


Mushu (Mulan):
I love this one for always being at Mulan’s side and never letting her down. He may not be the biggest, strongest dragon in town, but he surely is the one with the biggest heart. He’s funny and tries really hard (even though  he does not always succeed). As one of the clumsiest sidekicks of all time, Mushu always made me laugh.


Lumière and Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast):
These two are a great pairing! Their fights never fail to amuse me. Although they are so different, Cogsworth and Lumière are good friends. They always help each other out and provide some great advice. Cogsworth has some of the best lines ever in this movie!


Pegasus (Hercules):
First of all, the story of Hercules and Pegasus is one of the cutest moments ever. Created from a cloud, baby Pegasus snuggles up with baby Hercules and they are instantly best friends. Absolutely love it. However, after overcoming some difficulties, Pegasus and Hercules go through everything together and you can believe me, this horse is pretty bad-ass!


Jaq and Gus (Cinderella):
You can’t watch Cinderella without falling in love with these little creatures (and with all the other mice). Dressed up and ready to rumble that always help out, that includes fighting off evil cats, sewing dresses and facing evil stepmothers. Just awesome. Even the story of Gus becoming friends with Cinderella and the other mice is adorable.


Pain and Panic (Hercules):
I know, we had that film before, but Hercules has more than just one sidekick to offer! While Pegasus is on the good side, these two actually represent the evil side of this movie. As Hades’ henchmen they try to kill Hercules but fail, well basically they fail at everything they do. But Pain and Panic are so hilarious, I had to incorporate them in this list!


Let me know about your favourite sidekicks in the comments!

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