3 Popular Movies I can’t stand

A few weeks ago I talked about the TV shows I just can’t get into. Now it’s time to focus on the very popular movies that are definitely not for me!


3. Grand Budapest Hotel:
So far I never met anyone who doesn’t like this film. But for my part, it was not entertaining at all. The movie felt all over the top and simply two much. For me it wasn’t particularly funny and the whole narrative frame annoyed me. I already wrote a detailed post on this film and it is still quite high on my “never-watch-again” list.


2. Basically ever film Lars von Trier ever made:
This director has a splendid reputation and every movie he makes is supposed to be amazing. Well, I watched a few of his works (or at least I tried, I only finished two of five films) and I hate it. To be honest I never came across any other director whose movies hate completely. But in this case I give up. One of the films I did finish (and couldn’t stand) is Melancholia, check out my loathing in a detailed post ūüėČ

1. Avatar:
The highest grossing film of all time is the very movie I liked the least. There is no chance I could ever understand the huge excitement about this one. I wasn’t expecting much when I watched it, I decided to let it be a surprise. However, it turned out to be more of disappointment. The story is far too lengthy, to be honest the whole story itself annoyed me a bit. For a huge part it simply felt like showing off nice CGI skills. Those were of course flawless but still couldn’t save the movie for me.


What do you think? Any films you loath? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “3 Popular Movies I can’t stand

  1. # Have not.
    #2 Lars-wise, I’ve only tried “Idioterne” (The Idiots). Thumb’s down.
    #1 This I can stand, only for a few minutes.

    I guess these days
    It doesn’t take a masterpiece
    To make a bestseller, huh?

    With loud and coopted reviews
    People would believe it’s true
    Then any [CGI] garbage will do :mrgreen:

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve seen “The Idiots” (or at least the first ten minutes) and didn’t like it at all. With his set of principles, von Trier’s movies often seem like there shot with a mobile phone. The quality just doesn’t look right and it felt cheap. No chance to go through the whole movie xD

      That’s really true. I used to go to the movies more often when I was younger and enjoyed it. But by now my motivation is almost gone, as many movies only consist of special effects. There is no story, no depth, just CGI.


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