Top 3 Pixar Movies

Those who read my blog regularly will know by now that I’m a huge cartoon movie fan. So today you’ll get to know my most beloved Pixar films! Here we go:


#3 Toy Story:
It’s been far too long since I last saw this one. Toy Story is a heartwarming movie about friendship. The toys Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Cowboy started out as rivals, competing for the love of a child. But only when they team up and work together they can achieve a happy end.


#2 Finding Nemo:
I just googled the film and realised it was in cinemas 13 years ago – now I feel old. Although it’s been so long I can still remember the day we went to watch Finding Nemo. I loved it from the very beginning. The story of a little fish that gets caught and put in a fish tank and his father who tries to save him is gorgeous. (And Dori will be one of my favourite side kicks ’till the end of time!)


#1 Up:
Has there ever been a cuter movie than Up? An old man refuses to leave his home when some company wants his house gone. But with a ton an air balloons he – and his house – flee. He fulfills a life-long dream and travels to South America – with company, a boy scout who was accidentally trapped on the porch. A friendship develops and the go through some amazing adventures.
Up contains one of my all time favourite love stories. It really crawls under your skin and you can’t help but love that old grumpy guy.


What’s your favourite Pixar movie? Let me know in the comments!

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