3 Reasons for Watching Dexter

Dexter has been on my to-watch-list since forever. Recently I finally got to it and after two weeks I’m done with the first five season. Here’s what I think about it:


Reason #1:
The crime stuff is highly fascinating. There may be a lot of TV shows featuring the police solving crimes but this one definitely stands out. The stories are woven very cleverly and it takes you a while to figure things out. Furthermore, the police work seems really credible. I don’t much about a job in a police station but I could believe that it is the way it’s depicted in the show.

Reason #2:
Dexter. This character is simply great. You get such a deep inside in his character and throughout the seasons there is a real transformation. Dexter appears to be a highly brilliant guy and watching him “work” is exciting. But what I like best is his dry sense of humor. The little comments his makes are great!

Reason #3:
Deb. She is Dexter’s sister and a cop. I love that she’s doing so well in a man-dominated work field. Debra doesn’t take shit from anybody, she stand up for what she believes and is passionate. I admire her endurance and will to fight.


Do you watch Dexter? What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons for Watching Dexter

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