Game of Thrones 5 Thoughts on Seasons 5

I just finished watching the final episode and I am so done. With the books all read I thought I was prepared for this season, but hell no…


Thought #1:
I had a really hard time adjusting to the plot straying so far from the books. For the first episodes I was extremely confused but by now I simply accepted it (more or less). I’m still yelling “You can’t just die! You’re not even supposed to be here!!” at the screen…
However difficult it is to deal with, surprises are guaranteed. There’s no chance to feel save anymore, not even if you read the books!


Thought #2:
Dorne was a huge disappointment. As mentioned before, I read the books. So I was really excited to see Dorne, a vibrant place with fierce warriors and bad-ass women, come to life. But the TV version was rather pale. There was no depth, the characters remain but a shadow. I was hoping for so much more. What annoyed me in particular was the nude scene in the prison cells in Dorne. I am aware that the show features a lot of nudity but this scene was absolutely unnecessary.


Thought #3:
The special effects are awesome. We’ve seen the dragons before but when Drogon burst into the fighting pit you could almost think he is real (despite the fact that dragons do not exist). The same is true for the white walkers Jon Snow had to fight when he tried to save the wildlings. This was a truely epic battle and the undead were looking flawless.


Thought #4:
Shireen. Why Stannis, why? The scene with Melisandre burning this lovely girl tore me apart. I was in no way prepared for this and coping with her death will take forever. You could have seen it coming but I didn’t want to believe it. She wasn’t even supposed to be there! Not okay, just not okay! (Kerry Ingram (aka Shireen) was amazing, she gave me goosebumps all over!)


Thought #5:
I’m can’t wait to see how it continues. Many characters were left out in the TV show and I really want to know if we get to see them next season. George R. R. Martin please hurry up with the next part, in a year’s time I want to complain that the TV show isn’t like the book (although I kind of like that)! I need to know what happens to Arya and Sansa, this is soooo exciting!


Did you watch this season? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 5 Thoughts on Seasons 5

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