Top 3 old TV Shows

Do you know those really cute old TV shows that have a certain charm? Well, I always loved watching them, so here are my top 3!


1. Bewitched:
I’m not even sure if this ever aired on Germain/Austrian television. It was once mentioned in some other show and I knew I have to see Bewitched. I even bought the dvd of the movie (not that good) only because it had three episode of Bewitched as bonus material. Totally worth it!
Bewitched is a lovely show about Samantha, a witch, who marries a normal mortal man. She struggles with living without magic – and her mother constantly nagging about her husband. Although I have not seen that many episodes, I can tell that this show is absolutely great. It may depict an image of women as nothing but a housewife that is not correct anymore but Bewitched is still absolutely charming.


2. I Dream of Jeannie:
This one did air on Austrian television. And I always got up early during my holidays so I could watch it.
Major Anthony comes across a strange bottle, he rubs it and out comes Jeannie, a quirky woman who from now on fulfills his wishes. What I love about this show is that Jeannie doesn’t always listen. She tries to find her own way and do things the way she considers right. It does not always work but at least she tried. Barbara Eden is simply gorgeous in this one.


3. Addams Family:
Those of you who read my blog before can surely tell by now that I like strange stuff, things with dark humor and unordinary plots. The Addams Family combines all of that. I can’t even tell which character I like best, they are all so unique. My favourite thing about the show is that the characters dare to be different. They don’t want to fit in, they simply are happy with their way of doing things. Thinking about it, they are one of the few families on television who get along very well, who don’t constantly fight.
It’s been a while since I last saw the show but I really hope they bring it back, can’t wait to see more! I even dressed up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween three years ago.



What do you think? Like these shows? Anything to add? Let me know in thte comments!

3 thoughts on “Top 3 old TV Shows

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