My Favourite Female Disney Characters

As you can probably tell by now, I’ve loved Disney films ever since I was little. What especially caught my interest were some particular women who are different from the rest. Here are my favourite female Disney characters!


This chick is one of the most badass girls in Disney history. She takes her father’s place in the army and fights better than any men. I always admired how daring Mulan is. Nothing could scare her. She knows what she want – and what she doesn’t want. Never fitting in when it comes to being a lady and just looking pretty was something I could relate to. She did things her own way and wouldn’t let anyone stop her.


She’s a character from one of my all time favourite films: Hercules. Meg had some rough times in her life, but she got back on her feet and moves on. What I appreciate about her is that she doesn’t need anyone to save her, like she said “I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this.” Many Disney girls are only waiting for their prince to came and simply dream of eternal love. Meg is more realistic in that respect. She knows that being in love can be hard and you can get hurt.


Having to go and live in a castle ruled by a scary monster would be enough to cause many girls to break down. But Belle wants to save her father and faces her choice without even thinking twice. She is strong and never backs down. Even when confronted with the beast she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Belle is also one of the characters who don’t need to be saved. She’s fine on her own. It may be true that she had a hard time fitting in but she always knew who she is.



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