My Favourite Disney Movies (Part 1)

One thing I loved most during my childhood was always watching my Disney videos. I still hold those movies very dear, so here are my favourites!


1. Hercules:
This movie is just great. Hercules tries so hard to fit in but only when he decides to embrace who he is, he has a chance to become happy. Another huge plus point is the character of Meg. She is so badass, I always adored her for it. Whatever it was that needed to be done, she could do it herself, not needing anyone to safe her, like the usual Disney princess.


2. The Rescuers:
My mother once told me that watching me watching this movie was the cutest thing ever. Obviously I was blasting out the main song with all my heart.
The story is about mice who have some sort of UN like organisation. Two of them are send out to help a little orphan girl. Oh, and while on the way they fall in love. So sweet.


3. Sleeping Beauty:
What I always liked about this film wasn’t so much the princess stuff. The  rather dark fighting scene between the prince and the dragon was what caught my attention. And I absolutely loved the cabin in the woods with the fairies who are so clueless about baking or sewing. This never failed to make me laugh!


4. The Black Cauldron:
I may have been a bit young for this one. It’s about an army made of the dead who are supposed to help some Horned King spread evil over the world. This is one of the darkest Disney films I have ever seen. But this is the reason I always liked it. There’s no pretty princesses waiting for a kiss or dwelling on lost shoes. It was dark, it was scary, it was different.


5. The Sword in the Stone:
Following a young boy who later turns out to be the rightful king of England, this movie is more than just funny. It has great characters, one of my favourite sidekicks (Archimedes you are awesome!) and just a whole lot of charm. A very quirky story and believe me, Merlin is absolutely brilliant. Especially when it comes to the hilarious showdown with Madam Mim!

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