4 Popular TV Shows I can’t stand

There are those TV shows everybody loves. There supposed to be funny and entertaining but for some reason there are several popular TV show I just can’t stand.


1. Married with Children:
I know this show was extremely successful but it’s not my kind of humor. To me most of the jokes just seems cheap and stupid. This show always fails to make me laugh. Makes me switch the channel every single time.


2. That 70’s  Show:
Several friends of mine love this show that is loaded with famous actors. For me it’s the same problem I have with Married with Children. It’s just not funny. I haven’t seen too many episodes but somehow they all seem to be the same. Some of the characters are simply annoying. For than two sentences from them and I tune out.


3. The Mindy Project:
This is a relatively new show (at least when it comes to German television). I was pretty excited to watch it as I had heard many great things about it on the internet. But after two episodes I was really disappointed. Nope, not funny, not clever, not witty, not original. I dropped out after the first few episodes, never to return.


4. New Girl:
Kind of the same thing as with The Mindy Project. I tried hard to like this one. There were so many great quotes on tumblr so I decided I have to like this show. Well…no. I’ve seen quiet a bunch of episodes but I just can’t get into it. Many of the main characters habits annoy me instead of keeping me entertained. Some of the other characters seem very stereotypical. I’ve tried and tried, but this one’s just not for me.


Don’t hate me now! Let me know in the comments what you think, did I just bash your favourite TV show? Are there show you can’t stand?


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