Top 3 Biggest Concert Disappointments

Some bands are amazing when they perform live. I love going to concert and already saw some great shows. This post however, will be about my bad experiences. Some bands were a huge letdown!


3. Rise Against:
In 2013 I was at the Monster Bash in Munich. I saw many amazing bands perform and was really excited to finally hear Rise Against live.
Unfortunately they turned out not to be what I had expected. First of all, the sound was awful. There was a really annoying echo in the hall, so you could barely hear what Tim McIlrath was singing. They also played the song in a weird way. I didn’t recognise some songs I can usually sing along until the chorus came up. There was no real engagement with the crowd, the band didn’t manage to catch you. After listening to five songs I was really disappointed and simply left.


2. Brand New:

Brand New - Vinnie Accardi

Brand New – Vinnie Accardi

A year later, 2014, I had the chance to go to my first festival ever: Groezrock in Belgium (I wrote a detailed recap on the trip – click here to read). Many great bands were performing, Brand New among them. Right before they hit the stage we managed to get to the front row, and I my adrenaline was running. Brand New entered and the crowd was cheering. However, my excitement quickly died. The entire performance basically sounded like one long static noise, the songs were barely recognizable. Occasionally you caught a line of lyrics that seemed familiar, otherwise it would have been impossible to tell one song from the other. Hadn’t NOFX played afterwards, I would have surely left.


1. Social Distortion:

mike ness social distortion

mike ness social distortion

In May 2015 it was Groezrock time again (for a recap click here). The band I was most excited to see this year was Social Distortion. They are legends and I wanted to go to a concert for half an eternity. From the second row I had a pretty good view, so I was a little irritated when the roadie was lying down several sheets of paper next to Mike Ness’ microphone. I mean the set list isn’t five pages long?
It didn’t take long to figure out what this was about. The came out and I realized, Mike Ness doesn’t know how to play his own songs. The sheets contained lyrics and notes and you clearly see that he was looking down rather often searching for a clue how to go on.
On top of that there was absolutely no interaction with the crowd and the band simply seemed to have no energy. When they finally left the stage nobody screamed for an encore – well that doesn’t bother Mike Ness. They came back with the words “We have to do this” and played a Johnny Cash cover. When that was done and Social Distortion were gone everybody was glad.


That were my bad expiriences, tell me about yours! Let me know in the comments which bands you found awful or did you have more luck with the ones I mentioned? =)


5 thoughts on “Top 3 Biggest Concert Disappointments

  1. Brand New only really work in like a basement with 20 people. The minute you put them on a big stage it all goes tits up.

    The worst gig I ever went to was Red Hot Chilli Peppers. it was super expensive and they just totally acted like they did not want to be there. There was zero energy and the whole thing just felt like collecting a paycheck.

    I also had a terrible experience with Head Automatica. They decided to almost exclusively play songs from an album they never released and then became progressively more annoyed with the audience for not getting into it to the point of hostility.

    I am also surprised you had a bad time with Rise Against. I have seen them loads of times and they were always great!


    • That really sucks =( nothing is more annoying than paying a lot of money and being really excited – only to be let down.
      I guess Rise Against just had a really really bad sound. It seems I’m the only one who had a bad expirience with then xD


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