Top 5 Horror Comedies

I’ve always loved horror movies, especially the once with a funny touch. I don’t know why it took me so long to write this post! Anyway, here’s my favourite horror comedies!


5. Beetlejuice:
Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is the most famous or at least well-known movie in this list. Although it’s not as dark and gore-y as the other films, I still love the atmosphere Burton creates here. It’s about a recently deceased couple who (as ghosts) are trapped inside their house and have to deal with the new owners.
Beetlejuice is quirky, funny and Winona Ryder is adorable in her role!




4. The Little Shop of Horrors:
I am not talking about the musical of the 1986 movie. This is about the very original Roger Corman film from 1960. Some strange plant from outer space keeps eating people. The plant talks and if you ask me, it’s a bit of bitch. The movie has another special character: Jack Nicholson plays one of his first roles. It’s only a little one but he does a great job.
Believe me, you will love this one!




3. Evil Dead II:
I already wrote an extensive post on the Evil Dead Trilogy. The movies are great and of course the absolutely need to be on this list.
Evil Dead II is about some demons that were awoken by a bunch of friends as they were reciting from Necronomicon ex Mortis. Ash, the only survivor tries to put them in their place.
This movie is funny and creepy and gore-y! Groovy!




2. Army of Darkness:
This is the third installment in the Evil Dead Trilogy. I can’t even decide which one I like better – Army of Darkness or Evil Dead II. In this part, Ash (the guy from Evil Dead II) is transported back trough time and you can believe me, his journey is hilarious.
After seeing this movie, you will be quoting lines for the next months. Yes, it really is that great!




1. Braindead aka Dead Alive:
You all know Peter Jackson, I suppose. Yes, the dude who did Lord of the Rings. Can you imagine him doing one of the funniest horror comedies of all time?
Braindead was one of Jackson’s first movies and definitely one of my personal favourites. The story about some rat monkey’s bite transforming an old lady into a zombie is absolutely hilarious. I swear I laugh tears, every time I watch this film.




There are many other great horror comedies out there but these my Top 5! I hope you like them, let me know in the comments what you would have added to the list! 🙂

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