Top 7 Underrated TV Shows

There’s a bunch of TV shows I really like but I feel like they don’t get the credit they deserve. So here’s a big shout-up to my favourite underrated shows!


1. Pushing Daisies:
I loved this shows. It was so lovely, colorful but yet dorky and different. It was a bit weird, I guess that’s why I liked it so much. The show about a pie baker who discovers that he can revive dead people would have deserved far more than just two seasons!




2. Archer:
This adult animated show has been running for six seasons now and never fails to entertain me. I love how dark and evil yet funny the show is. Unfortunately nobody (at least) here in Austria seems to know it.
Archer is about a bunch of high-class spies (and killers). It’s funny on so many different levels, believe me, you will love it!




3. Bob’s Burgers:
Bob’s Burgers may be my favourite animated show ever (sorry Archer…). It’s set at Bob’s Burger restaurant which he runs with his family. I can’t even tell you how hilarious this show is. Ever single character is beyond awesome. Believe me, everybody should watch this show, you will not regret it!!




4. My So-Called Life:
I’m sure everybody out there knows Dawson’s Creek. There’s a ton of shows like it, dealing with the subject of growing up. But for me, My So-Called Life is the best show on that topic. No other show (not even Dawson’s Creek) can get anywhere close to it. It’s the only series that ever captured the spirit of a teenager as it really is. And of course Claire Danes was divine in her first big role. If there ever was a show that deserved more than one season, it is My So-Called Life.




5. Orphan Black:
This multilayered show on a woman who discovered that she’s a clone has become pretty famous in the USA but I feel like in Europe it hasn’t kicked in yet. The third season just started and it really deserves more credit. The show is so thrilling and the come up with a new plot twist every other episode. And I also need to praise Tatiana Maslany for playing so many different roles and being to great in each one of them.




6. Bates Motel:
I’ve only seen season one so far but the atmosphere created in this show is intense. It loosely picks up ideas from Hitchcock’s movie Psycho and is set before what happens in the film. The show deals with a mother and her son moving to a new town and opening a motel.




7. Broadchurch:
David Tennant. That’s enough reason to watch the show for me. This show is a crime drama (so far I’ve only seen seasons one) and really gives you goosebumps. The dense atmosphere, the thrilling story, great actors. Broadchurch has it all.




Did I forget anything? Let  me know what you think in the comments! =)

4 thoughts on “Top 7 Underrated TV Shows

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