Movie Mania: Heathers

Greetings and Salutations! Today I bring an infamous 80’s flick that is loaded with stars! Heathers or how I call it: The importance of being Heather.



The Plot:

The three Heathers are the most popular girls in high school. Recently the feared girls invited Veronica to join their group. However, she soon gets sick of the Heathers’ behavior. struggling to back to her old and nerdy life she becomes romantically involved with JD, a mysterious and rather dangerous guy. The two pull (what Veronica thinks to be) a prank on the boss Heather, ending in her death. A shocked Veronica forges Heather’s suicide note but this is only the beginning…


The Rating:

I’m pretty sure making a movie like this would now be impossible. That it definitely reflects the spirit of American high school kids is obvious. In the light of all the dreadful shootings that happened at schools like in Columbine, you see the movie from a different angle.

However, putting that aside, it has to be said that Heathers is a clever and dark movie. Loaded with stars like Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannon Doherty the film just had to turn out good.
The director Michael Lehmann managed to accomplish a rare thing: capture the very essence of a teenager. Although there are a few clichés in the film, it is played with them very cleverly and you never get bored.
Winona Ryder plays just wonderfully and Christian Slater does the role of the psycho magnificently. Heathers is for sure one of Winona’s best films.
Another thing that deserves to be mention is the soundtrack. Especially the great use of the song Que sera? is awesome.

Best quote ever: “Veronica, you look like hell!” “Yeah? We’ll I just got back.”

It is dark, it is evil, it is fun. Heathers is a film everyone should have watched!



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