Movie Mania: Django

I’m pretty sure everybody know the name Django since Quentin Tarantino’s legendary movie. But this post won’t be about the 2012 film, it’s about the original 1966 western with Franco Nero.



The Plot:

A man and a coffin. Django drags his wooden box throughout the land when he comes across a beautiful woman named Maria. He saves her from being killed by a group of bandits. Their leader however, is the one Django is looking for: he killed the hero’s wife…


The Rating:

I’m not an expert on old western stuff but I can say that Franco Nero is intense. I swear his ice blue eyes could stare somebody to death. He fits perfectly into his role and you’d believe him every word he says.
The story irritated my a bit at first. After he rescues the woman and brings her to safety it feels like the movie is over, but it’s been only 30 minutes. It takes some time to gain speed again and get the audience back into the story.
Otherwise it was a typical western. Some bandits, a sheriff, some shooting, a hero, a beautiful woman. Nothing fancy there.
The only thing that really bothered me was how bad most of actors die. They definitely need a lesson on credible dying (maybe Sean Bean can help with that…).



3 thoughts on “Movie Mania: Django

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