Movie Mania: Red Riding Hood

A few days ago I spent the night lying awake and zapping through the program. I stumbled upon Red Riding Hood and got really excited, I wanted to watch this one for ages! Fairytale adaptation here I come!



The Plot:

The village of Daggerhorn is plagued by a werewolf. While Valerie dwells on an unwanted marriage her parents arranged, her sister is murdered by the wolf. The whole village is shocked and they set out to find and kill the werewolf…


The Rating:

I wanted to see this film for ages and was eager to watch it. But after five minutes my excitement was ebbing away. It got clear instantly that whoever had the idea for this movie wanted a piece of the “Twilight” cake. A beautiful young woman, a werewolf, a love story, some (very very mild) horror. Does that sound familiar?
However, let me begin with the cast. Amanda Seyfried acts pretty intense but no matter who good she is, there is no chance to save the movie. Most of the cast was horrible. Her mother and grandmother both looked more like her sisters than anything else. The two men she is more or less romantically involved with are absolutely unfitting for the role. You can see clearly that they were chosen for one thing: making teen girls swoon. Gary Oldman as some sort of wannabe Van Helsing was absolutely ridiculous.
Furthermore, the whole story was less than interesting or even capturing. I found myself checking the time to see whether it’s over soon several times. The plot was rather cheap and not cleverly thought through. It all felt very constructed and huge parts were absolutely unnecessary.  Especially the ending was ridiculous.

The only intention behind this film was easy money, that much is sure. I wouldn’t watch it ever again.



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