Top 6 TV Dads

Hello fellow TV cracks! A few days ago I posted a list of my most beloved TV moms. Of course I also thought about my favourite dads:


6. Marshall Eriksen (How I met your Mother):
Although he is rather new to parenting, he definitely deserves to be mentioned in this list. Ever since he became a dad in season 7, he’s been wonderful at the job. Marshall is very committed and does everything to give his son a happy live. The kind of dad you can only wish for!



5. Hal Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle):
Hal may not be the perfect dad, but at least he tries. He encourages his sons and supports them. Although he struggles at several points in his live, he always is determined to be there for his family. Hal often does not understand his sons but nevertheless is by their side.



4. Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers):
Bob is also trying very hard. The family is basically in constant financial trouble due to their restaurant not having enough costumers. No matter who big the struggle, he always tries to provide the best for his children. Although they are working in the restaurant, Bob wants them to have a happy childhood and makes lots of sacrifices to ensure his kids are happy.



3. Ned Stark (Game of Thrones):
Ned Stark comes with the whole package: lovely kids, good marriage, nice home, no financial problems. He’s determined to pass his wisdom on to his kids and wants them to become good people. It’s important to him that they are just and know their duties. Nevertheless he is not too strict and still a loving father who always provides a shoulder to lean on.



2. Graham Chase (My so-called Life):
Although he sometimes struggles between being a friend and being a father, he is a good dad. Whenever his children have a problem, they can talk to him. He tries to understand them and to speak with them as equals. Graham may have his childish phases but when it gets serious he can be counted on.



1. Walter White (Breaking Bad):
Which father on TV ever did more for his family than Walter White? He had two job, teaching and scrubbing cars, to provide for his family. When he gets the chance, he ignores the risk and the dangers to ensure his family can have the life they deserve. Between all his struggles he’s always there for his son and his little daughter, no matter how much his wife starts to despise him. Walter doesn’t let anything keep him from being a good dad.



What would be your picks? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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