Top 6 TV Moms

Hey my lovely readers! Today I bring you my favourite TV moms. Be sure to come back in a few days to read about the best TV dads!


6. Endora (Bewitched):
In Bewitched, a lovely show about a witch marrying a human, she portrays Samantha’s mother, who is less than happy about her daughter’s choice. Endora only wants the best for her and is simply hilarious with her comments about humans. But she still accepts and supports her daughter’s decision, no matter what.



5. Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls):
She is honestly one of the coolest moms on TV. The show about her struggle between being a mother and a friend for her lovely daughter is legendary. Lorelai always tries her best and is supportive. She makes sacrifices. Besides raising her daughter she even finds the time and energy to open her own hotel. What I appreciate most about her is how confident and unique she is.



4. Cat Stark (Game of Thrones):
In this show of blood, death and fire, Cat Stark is a rock. She does everything for her children, faces war, fights for her kids and support them no matter what. This is the kind of woman you would never ever want to mess with, but once you have her on your side, she’ll be loyal ’till the end.



3. Marge Simpson (The Simpsons):
No list of TV moms could ever be complete with the ever so lovely Marge Simpson. She takes care of her kids and deals with her rather difficult husband. Although she sometimes struggles, Marge is always there for her family. And on several occasions she also fulfills her own dreams, reaching from becoming an entrepreneur to doing art. Even if it’s just a cartoon show, I consider it impressive how she always keeps up with her husband’s escapades without ever loving him less.



2. Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers):
Nobody can sing and swing like Linda Belcher. The mother of three spends most of her time working in the family restaurant. But she never loses her humor and charm. Her ideas and especially her singing are simply awesome. She alway supports her kids, even if her ideas are sometimes not the best. A great mother!



1. Morticia Addams (The Addams Family):
She is honestly my favourite TV mom ever. There’s nobody who could ever have so much style and be so cool. She always encourages her children to be themselves, even if it means that they are different from all the other kids. Morticia does an amazing job raising her children. However, I also envy her marriage. This is what a great relationship looks like.



What do you think of my list? Tell me about your picks! 🙂

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