Movie Mania: The Babadook

I’ve seen a bunch of reviews on this Australian psycho-horror movie. (Funny sidenote: it wasn’t until I googled it yesterday that I realised it’s called Babadook and not Badabook) Without watching the trailer or having a real idea what the film is about I sat down yesterday and had a look at it.


The Plot:
Amelia and her son Sam live a quiet life. Although it’s been almost seven years she is still grief-stricken with her husband’s death. But the real trouble begins when Sam finds a what appears to be a children’s book titled “The Babadook” which turns out to more sinister and frightening than anybody would have expected.




The Rating:
I was surprised by the intense atmosphere the movie manages to create. The actors, most of all Essie Davis (Amelia) and Noah Wiseman (Sam), do an incredible job. Their performances are more than impressive.
Furthermore, the story itself is cleverly woven. The Babadook is more than you’d think at first. But when you dive into the story you realise that the Babadook is a symbol for what Amelia feels. This is what it looks like when grief takes a shape.
However, at first the ending disappointed me a bit. But once you think about it and get the meaning behind it, you’ll see who extremely clever it is.
I don’t want to give away to much of the story but to fully grasp the intensity you need to see the metaphorical meanings. Once you get those the film will send shivers down your spine.

Highly recommendable!



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