Top 10 TV Show Intros

Today I bring you my favourite TV intros. This idea comes from a friend of mine who suggested this post. I’m delighted to write it and I hope you like my list 😉


10. How I Met Your Mother:
One of the most famous sitcoms of the last few years is the first show on my list. It’s about Ted who tells his kids how he met their mother (taking 9 seasons to do so). This intro is one of favourites for the photos it shows. Although it’s a TV show you could believe that these scenes are real-life. The song Hey beautiful also goes great with the entire theme.




9. Bewitched:
This is a rather old show, I’m not even sure it ever aired on Austrian television. Samantha is a witch who marries a human. As you can imagine that is not easy, especially with her mother despising her new husband. It’s very cute and the opening credits are absolutely adorable. The comic style is lovely and the music is really catchy!




8. My So called Life:
Claire Danes’ first big role captures the spirit of the 90’s perfectly. The life and struggle of an American teenager has never been depicted more correctly. The intro gives you the right vibe and sets you in a 90’s mood. The theme is also just right and even once was my ringtone.




7. Californication:
This may be my favourite David Duchovny show ever.  He plays the writer Hank Moody who struggles with his life. What I like most about the intro is that many scenes seem like home-videos. It gives the show a touch of realism.




6. Twin Peaks:
David Lynch’s show about the murder of Laura Palmer is cult. The intro is just as good as the entire show. The song is absolutely perfect for depicting the mood of the show. The opening credits show a few images of the lovely landscape Twin Peaks is set in. From the first 15 seconds on you get transported right into Twin Peaks.




5. American Horror Story:
Every season of this anthology is different so the images of the intro differ aswell. The music remains the same and creats a gloomy and dark atmosphere. The images match the style and are often pretty scary. It’s amazing that the opening credits already sent shivers down your spine.




4. The Simpsons:
This show is also absolutely classical. Running for more than 26 seasons the opening sequence is also very famous. It gives you a ride through Springfield and shows you many of the beloved characters. In each episode Bart writes a different sentence on the chalkboard, Lisa plays a new tune every time and the couch gags also differ from episode to episode.




3. Orange is the New Black:
When I encountered this show about a women’s jail last autumn I instantly liked the theme song by Regina Spektor. It’s catchy and matches perfectly with the opening images.




2. Bob’s Burgers:
A very funny show about Bob’s how runs a burger restaurant with his family begins with an introduction of the entire Belcher family. The great things about the opening credits are the constantly changing truck and store. Right next to the restaurant is an empty store that has a different new theme for ever episode. There is also a truck of a vermin killer company with a different slogan every time. These two are hilarious!




1. Game of Thrones:
The TV adaptation of Georg R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” is monumental. The opening credits might be the most epic ones of TV history. The filigree world depicted along with the music take to minutes to introduce the world of the Seven Kingdoms and everything beyond. There’s nothing that can compare!




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