Top 5 most cunning guys on TV

Today I decided to draw up my list of the most shrewd guys on TV. So here we go:


5. Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks):
The coolest cop in town! FBI Agent Cooper comes to solve a murder. However, he turns out to be not only clever but also adorably strange. His way of doing things is highly interesting and how he interacts with everybody in Twin Peaks is also amazing.
Number one choice for solving crimes! (and for having a cup of coffee!)




4. Saul Goodman (Better call Saul):
We already know Saul from Breaking Bad but no he gets his very own show. He is the most cunning lawyer I ever so on TV. His understanding of moral might be a little bendable but should I ever get in trouble, I’d hire him right away. Saul Goodman comes up with great ideas and always manages to clean up the biggest messes.
Number one choice for lawsuits!




3. The Doctor (Doctor Who):
Although all of the incarnations are super smart, my favourite is Ten. He’s the wittiest of them. His sense of humor is awesome. The Doctor has a vast knowledge of pretty much everything and can solve every problem.
Number one choice for travel companions!




2. Walter White (Breaking Bad):
First of all: to everyone out there who hasn’t seen Breaking Bad – watch it! It’s honestly one of the best shows ever. Walter White is an extremely versatile character. Throughout the show he displays not only his skills in chemistry but also as one of the best businessmen ever. He handles stuff and is not afraid. The kind of guy I’d never want to have against me.
Number one choice for starting a business!




1.Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones):
The one and only, the imp. It’s incredible how smart this guy is. He sees through ever plot and always finds a way. Despite all the injustices he had to face he never lets anyone get him down. He can pretty much do anything: fight in a war, plan a defense, be master of coin, educate a highly dislikable nephew in good behavior…
Number one choice for everything from a cup of wine to plotting a rebellion!







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