My DVD Rack from A to Z (Part 4)

The fourth and final part of my series!


R – Requiem for a Dream:
This one is extremely intense and not for the faint-hearted. It depicts the story of several people struggling with their drug addiction.
Darren Aronosfky gives a very realistic picture that will crawl under your skin. It’s a very dark movie but nonetheless beautifully made.




S – Sucker Punch:sucker punch
This is a rather whacky movie. It’s about a young woman nicknamed Babydoll who was institutionalized by her step-father (to get rid of her). As she tries to escape she slips into a fantasy world, going through different adventures to get hold of everything necessary to make an escape.
I was very excited when the DVD arrived. I hadn’t seen the film but knew the trailer and really wanted to watch it. Sucker Punch is an interesting movie with so many elements brought together. The story is also capturing and the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous.




T – Taxi Driver:
This one found its way into my collection when I decided I need to stack up on the classics. Taxi Driver might be one of the best Robert De Niro movies ever. His portrayal of the mentally ill taxi driver Travis who turns to violence is part of movie history by now.
I really need to re-watch this one again soon. It’s been far too long since I saw this great film the last time.




U – Urban Legend:
Part of my horror department. As the title suggests we get a killer that runs around killing people according to urban myths. This may sound cheesy but the film is surprisingly good. There’s a bunch of famous actors in this one, from Joshua Jackson to Tara Reid, from Robert Englund to Jared Leto.




V – Sorry Nothing there!


W – Wild at Heart:wild at heart
This is my favourite David Lynch movie and basically one of my all-time favourite films in general. The story of the star-crossed lover Sailor and Lula is gorgeous.
And I simply love the strange atmosphere Lynch always gives his film. The soundtrack and the actors also blend in perfectly. Awesome film!




X, Y, Z – Sorry, got nothing!

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