My DVD Rack from A to Z (Part 3)

Here we go – this is part 3 of my series. The last part will be only in the next few days!

M – Mary and Max:mary and max
This one might be the cutest film I ever saw. It’s about a rather strange relationship that develops when the 8-year-old Daisy writes a letter to a 44-year-old man in America ’cause she is curious about life in the States.
There are so many lovely moments in this movie, you’re just drifting from one “oooh”-sigh to the other. It may be a strange movie but it’s nonetheless heart-warming.

N – Natural Born Killers:natural born killers
Natural Born Killers is what I’d call the Quentin Tarantino version of Bonnie and Clyde. Although he only wrote the script and had nothing to do with the actual movie, you can clearly see the influence. I love the story and the soundtrack. The actors are simply amazing in this one. All-time favourite!

O – The Others:the others
I can’t even recall when I watched The Others the last time. But what I do remember that’s it’s a clever movie with a capturing atmosphere.
Nicole Kidman plays a woman who lives alone with her two children in an old house right after WWII. As new servants appear, they bring along the strangest incidents…
The storyline is intricately woven and Nicole Kidman plays extremely well. A thrilling movie!

P – Pulp Fiction:pulp fiction
Tarantino again! This one is a very complex crime story, with many different plotlines somehow being linked.
I’ve seen this movie so many times, but I still notice something new every time I watch it. As for all Quentin Tarantino movies I need to praise the soundtrack. He simply has a way of finding the perfect songs, just like he always finds the perfect actors.

Q – Sorry nothing with Q in my collection!

*update: click here for part 4*

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