My DVD Rack from A to Z (Part 2)

This is the second part of my A to Z DVD rack posts 🙂 Stay tuned for the next posts!

G – Gremlins: gremlins
This one is really good. It’s a rather dark Christmas movie about a cute little Mogwai name Gizmo who brings up some dangerous fellas.
Gizmo is one of my all-time favourite movie creatures. I even got me a plush toy. By now Gremlins is a firm part of my annual Christmas routine.

H – House of Wax:
I have no idea why I actually bought that one. As I recall the DVD only cost me one buck so I thought, hey let’s stack up my horror collection. Haven’t watched it a single time since it’s been sitting on my shelf.
Anyway, let me break down the plot: A few friends are on the road and their car breaks down. When looking for help they come across a little village that turns out to be entirely made of wax…

I – Into the Wild: into the wild
I was very excited to watch this one after I read the book. It’s about a young guy who becomes a drop-out. He travels through America and ultimately finds his death in Alaska.
To be honest I watched the DVD exactly once. It turned out the best thing about the movie is the soundtrack. Apart from that it does not picture things the way the book did and I was rather disappointed.

J – Jackie Brown:
I own all Quentin Tarantino movies on DVD (except for Django Unchained, I need to get hold of that one some time). However, Jackie Brown was among the last two I got and watched.
In this one Tarantino tells the tale of a woman smuggling money.
It’s a really good movie, even though the first time I watched it was while I was in hospital. It certainly kept me entertained.

K – Kill Bill (1+2): kill bill
Of course these two are part of my Quentin Tarantino collection. The bride who is out for revenge after her whole wedding party was murdered.
Tarantino did an extremely good job with these films. The story, the actors, the music – it interacts perfectly.

L – Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: lemony snicket
I got this one for Christmas after I saw it at the cinemas with my mother. The Unfortuante Events happen to the Beaudelair children who lost their parents and are struggling to find a new home.
I watched this DVD many times as I enjoy the movie a lot. It’s both funny and dark and very cleverly made.
Sadly the DVD is almost broken. When I wanted to take it out of the packaging it somehow got stuck and cracked. However, for some reason the DVD still works. Yay 🙂

*update: click here for part 3*

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