My DVD Rack from A to Z (Part 1)

I recently wrote a few posts titled “Me from A to Z” which I really enjoyed. Since this blog started out as movie themed I decided to do an A to Z of my DVDs. I hope you enjoy it, here’s part 1 =)


A – Across the Universe:across the universe

For this movie a bunch of famous Beatles’ songs were taken. They created a story around them and here we have the movie. It’s about a young guy named Jude who comes to the USA to find his father. He falls in love with Lucy but their luck is overshadowed by war and protests.
Although the story has its lengths it was done very nicely. What I like most about the film is the soundtrack. Covering a Beatles song is difficult to do but the entire cast did a great job and the music is simply splendid!



B – Beetlejuice:beetlejuice

I absolutely love this one! A couple dies and they trapped in their house. When a new family moves in they try to scare them away but fail. The new owner’s daughter befriends the ghosts but to get the new owners out they need help, so they call for Beetlejuice…
This is a Tim Burton movie, do I have to say anything else? It’s dark, it’s strange, it’s funny, it’s different. One of my favourites!



C – Control:



This one is about the life and death of Ian Curtis, singer of the band Joy Division.
Shot in black and white this movie creates an intense atmosphere. I was very impressed to see how well the movie turned out. Sam Riley even looks like Ian Curtis. It’s a great movie about a great musician.



D – DonnieDarko:

donnie darko

donnie darko

Another somber movie in my collection. It’s about Donnie, who has just been informed by a humanoid rabbit that the world will end on Halloween…
This film is also in my all-time favourites list. The atmosphere ist thrilling and the story itself is absurd but absolutely enthralling. It’s definitely one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s best performances.



E – E.T.:et

This one is simply cute. The little alien who just wants to go home is cult movie. It’s adorable how he befriends Elliot and learns about the earth.



F – Footloose:footloose

Footloose is my guilty pleasure. I know the story is cheesy but the music is so sweeping! The film is about a young lad who comes to a town where dancing is forbidden so basically he starts a little rebellion to change that. Oh and he falls in love with the daughter of the local minister (who is responsible for the banning of rock music and dancing).
For me this is THE 80’s movie. No matter how stupid it is, I like it. Aren’t Kevin Bacon’s dance movies fantastic? 😉




*Update: click here for part 2!*

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