Time to talk about Books: Cold Hands by John Niven

Cold Hands is John Niven’s first attempt on writing a crime story/thriller. It was absolutely not what I expected. If you want to know whether that’s good or bad, read on ūüėČ


The Plot:

The Miller’s a having a great life. somewhere in Canada they own a lovely house, the parents have good jobs and the son is well-behaved. They couldn’t be happier, but when the family dog is found dead it’s just the beginning of the past trying to catch up.


The Rating:

This is the fourth John Niven book I read. When I bought it I didn’t even check what it is about. To be honest, I was expecting something like “Kill Your Friends”. I was quite surprised to find out that the book is actually a thriller.
However, John Niven did solid work on this one. Although I consider his other works as better, his first attempt on this genre is pretty good. Niven has a talent for describing the scenery. While reading the book I felt like I really am in Canada.
The story itself also seems well thought out. It does show a little bit that crime is not Niven’s usual genre but there are definitely far worse crime books out there.

Although I missed Niven’s black humor in this one, it’s still a very good book. It very interesting how there are almost two separate stories. One taking place here and now and the second one informing the reader about the main character’s past.

It’s easy to see that John Niven put a lot of effort and thought into this book and it really paid off!



2 thoughts on “Time to talk about Books: Cold Hands by John Niven

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