Me from A to Z (part 3)

This is the final post of my “Me from A to Z” series! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe some of my fellow bloggers pick up the idea, I’d love to read your posts! =)

As I posted this back in 2015, I updated a few things in this posts – so you’re getting the 2019 status right now!

R – Research: I never really had an idea where live would take me. So, when I started University I didn’t have a certain job in mind I wanted to end up doing. Well, I did a Bachelor’s degree and liked it, so I continued onto the Master’s. I realized I really really enjoy this whole research thing so I am now doing my PhD and I hope to get a job at University at some point so I can keep going!

S – Sewing Machine: As I’m currently on a little DIY-trip I had a dream fulfilled. It was more than ten years ago when I asked for a sewing machine the first time. But good things come to those who wait ๐Ÿ˜‰
I can’t even tell you how happy I was when I unpacked the machine. My first project is a Louise Belcher hat with bunny ears. It turned out rather successful! I can’t wait to do more stuff.

T – Travelling: I love to travel. There are so many things to see in the world, what a waste it would be to spent your whole life in just one place. Due to my University being pretty far from home, I don’t get to travel much beside coming home for the holidays and going back to university (this is already pretty costly), But even the smallest road trip lifts my spirits.

U – Unique: As I was thinking about this recently I decided to use Unique for the letter U. Being unique means being yourself. There’s nothing more important in life. It’s the only way to be happy. This is something that can’t be stated often enough. Don’t make yourself dependent on what other people do. Be yourself, be unique.

V – Vienna: I moved to Vienna more than 6 years ago when I decided to attend University there (I feel really old now). It’s a magnificent city and I love it there. So far there has not been a day whereย  I regretted my decision. Moving there was a dream coming true for me.

W – Wild at Heart: One of my all time favourite movies. It has energy, music, simply an awesome vibe. Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage act amazingly. With this one David Lynch really made a masterpiece. although I like his movies in general, this one is and will always be my favourite.

X – X-Ray: Coming up with something that starts with X is rather hard. So I decided to tell you about the only X-Ray I ever had. In summer 2013 I fell on my hand. I hurt a bit but I didn’t think anything was injured. The next day however, the swelling was still very present so I went to the doctor who did an X-Ray. Turns out, a bone in my hand was broken and I hadn’t realised it. When the doctor told me, I didn’t even want to believe it. Anyway, the drawings I got on my plaster were pretty awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

Y – Yoga: I love Yoga. To be honest, this is a thing I never thought I’d say. But since I’ve started practicing Yoga a couple of years ago I’m feeling so great. There’s hardly a day that I miss my practice. I can’t even tell you how I enjoy Yoga being part of my life. The funny thing is that I always thought it’s a stupid thing where you just sit around, do nothing and breathe. Turns out, I was wrong!

Z – Ziller Valley: This is home. The ones among you who fancy winter sports might have heard about the Ziller Valley. It’s a paradise for snowboarders and skiers and in summer you have awesome destinations to go hiking or climbing. There is so much beautiful nature to be found. It’s simply gorgeous. Looking out of my window on some snow-covered mountains really is a damn good view!

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