Me from A to Z (part 1)

I saw a really cool idea for a post somewhere online and decided to jump on that train!
It’s about taking each letter of the alphabet and connecting it something related to me. However, I decided to split the post up, the next letters are coming up in a few days =)

As I posted this back in 2015, I updated a few things in this posts – so you’re getting the 2019 status right now!

A – Audrey Hepburn: She has always been one of my favourite actresses ever since I was little. To me she embodies everything – style, class, elegance, intelligence. I will always adore her – and most of all her movies.

B – Books: As you can probably tell from my blog, I really enjoy books. Although I have to read a lot of stuff for university I always find the time to sit down with a good book. I even feel a bit naked when I don’t carry a book around with me.

C – Communication: This is what I study at university. As of this semester I am officially a PhD student! So far I really flowers and skullenjoy it and never regretted the choice I made.

D – Drawing: I looooved to draw when I was younger but somehow along the way I completely forgot about it. However, I decided to start anew and get back into drawing. I even decided to broaden my artistic horizon and gave watercolors, pastel and acrylics a shot.

E – Edgar Allan Poe: “The Raven” is my favourite poem. I can recite almost the whole thing by heart. I even made two shirts! Mr. Poe’s other works are also pretty awesome but nothing will ever be able to compete with “The Raven”.

F – Flowers: I don’t like flowers, or better said I’m not really fond of them. They are pretty but I guess I’m the only woman who doesn’t get excited when someone shows up with a bouquet of flowers.

G – Groezrock: This was the first festival I’ve ever been to. It takes place in  May in Belgium, so that basically means freezing your asse off while listening to great music. Nevertheless, I’ve always had a great time, despite the inevitable cold I sported afterwards.

H – Homemade: I always liked to do stuff myself. My endeavors reache from baking (including cookies, cupcakes, cakes and even bread) to cooking, crochet, knitting, painting shirts, …
I don’t know what it is about doing that stuff that makes me happy but I enjoy every minute of getting dirty, I don’t mind poking my finger with a needle. The feeling once you finished something is amazing.

This were the first 8 letters about me! If you liked it be sure to check by in a few day for the next letters 🙂

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