Favourite Songs: Obituaries by Double Standards (Menzingers Cover)

I like this song, because it reminds me of a certain day, a certain moment.

It takes me right back to a cold night last May. I was somewhere in Belgium standing in front of the “acoustic stage” at the Groezrock festival. Actually this stage was not more than 4 wooden boxes pushed together. Anybody who wanted to could grab the guitar and play a song. While I was freezing a guy climbed onto the stage and played this very song.
To be honest I didn’t know the song, I didn’t even know The Menzingers. But they would be playing at the festival and I liked the song. So a day later we went to see them.
I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. They played the song but it sounded so different from what I had heard the night before. It was lacking all the strength and power the other guy had when bursting out the song. There were no feelings.
When I was back home a few days later, I searched for the song on Youtube. Well I dreaded the album version even more.
But a few months later I came across this cover. It’s still not as good as what I had heard that night in Belgium but it gets pretty close.
I like the song. I like the lyrics. I like what Double Standards made of it.
I turn it on, lean back, close my eyes and I am right back to a cold night last May.


>>But I’m still healthy, I’m still fine, I’ve been spending all my time reading the obituaries.<<


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