My Top 10 Episodes of Bob’s Burgers (season 1-3) Part Two

5. Full Bars
This is a Halloween episode. While the kids go off to gather sweets, Bob and Linda are invited to Terry’s party (which ends abruptly when his guinea pig is killed accidentally). Meanwhile Tina, Gene and Linda take a ferry to were the rich people live (better candy!) They have to face a tough tradition: the older kids badger the younger ones after dark each Halloween. This calls for revenge!
The kids’ Halloween costumes are the best! And the guinea pig. Let’s not forget about the guinea pig. This episode has so much to offer. You’ll love it!


4. Hamburger Dinner Theater
Linda loves theatre and singing. She decides to do a play in the restaurant. Let me tell you, the play is horrible, until a man wants to rob the restaurant and becomes part of the play.
Hilarious. The play itself, the robber everything. A great one!


3. It Snakes a Village
The whole family drives to Florida to visit Linda’s parents at their new retirement home. While the kids go hunting for a snake in the tiniest forest ever, Bob and Linda discover that all the old people here are swingers…
Soooo funny! Bob’s and Linda’s reactions are soo amusing. And the kids – great as always!


2. The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene
In this episode Gene gets a girlfriend. Turns out she is the most annoying person on this earth. But her father has a great collection of music stuff and writes jingles so he tries to keep up with her. Eventually he can’t stand it any longer and confronts her – on the poor girls birthday.
It is hilarious! Definitely one of my favourite episodes. Not only Gene’s way of breaking up with her but the girls itself is gorgeous. I can’t even tell you how hard I laughed.

1. Mother Daughter Laser Razor
Linda thinks Louise doesn’t like her. In order to bond with her she takes Louise to some kind of mother daughter seminar. Let me just say, it does not go according to plan. In the mean time Tina struggles with the hair on her leg and Bob takes her to a waxing salon.
Yes, you read correctly, Bob and Tina go waxing (Gene is soooo jealous). This might very well be one of the best episodes ever. The seminar and the outcome are just awesome.


(I couldn’t find any awesome trailers  for the last two, so just go and watch the episodes 😉 )


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