My Top 10 Episodes of Bob’s Burgers (season 1-3) Part One

10. Broadcast Wagstaff School News
Tina wants to be a reporter for her school news channel. She investigates the case of the “mad pooper”…
Just the idea of a “mad pooper” running through a school is simply hilarious. How on earth do the writers only come up with stuff like that…


9. Two for Tina
Tina wishes are fulfilled: two boys are rivalling to go out with her. Just one more sentence: it comes to a dance off between Jimmy Junior and Josh.
Dance off. Do I need to say anything else?

(this is Jimmy Junior dressed up as a horse singing a song for Tina….)


8. Ear-sy Rider
Louise’s bunny ears are stolen by a boy named Logan. She teams up with some bikers to get them back.
As Louise says in this episode “Hell hath no fury like I do”. This episode is sooo great. This episode’s lesson is never mess with Louise.^^


7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins
Christmas episode! The Belchers take in a man who seems to have no home. He decorates their windows with a lovely display for Christmas and tells them his story: he used to be a mannequin and misses his wife (who still is a mannequin). Surely there is something the Belchers can do about that…..
The Christmas theme is done very nicely and the idea for the episode itself is extremely funny.


6. Art Crawl
The Art Crawl festival is taking place when Linda’s sister shows up. Along she brings some of her paintings: the backsides of different animals (showing their buttholes).
I think, this does not need any further explanation. The episode is worth watching just for the paintings!


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