4 Reasons “The Leftovers” is more interesting than you’d think

I recently discovered this 2014 show about going on with life after 2% of the world’s population somehow disappeared. When I started watching I was really sceptical, but now – halfway done with the first season – I am pleasantly surprised. Here’s why:



  1. The focus really is on the people left behind. There have been shows with people disappearing before. But the center where always the ones who went away or later came back. In this show, the people who vanished into thin air are just a trigger for the whole show, not the center or the main concern. They don’t get their stories, it’s the ones left behind who matter here.
  2. The Guilty Remnant. This is some sort of cult that formed after the “sudden departure”. The do a silent protest, the members don’t speak a word. They are not aggressive or attacking, they simply are there. It’s very interesting to follow their action without knowing their intentions. It has not yet been revealed what they are up to.
  3. Holy Wayne. He is a guru of some kind. In one of the first episodes the police raids his mansion, Tommy, who is some sort of assistant, saves one of Wayne’s girls. This is another part that’s fascinating for you do not know the intentions. We don’t get much info about this cult either.
  4. The chief of police’s potential mental problems. Kevin’s father who was chief before him is now in a psychiatry. He encounters some events that bring his mental health into doubt. We do not know whether some events are real or just imagined by Kevin.

This show is worth checking out. Despite my second thoughts I had at first I’m now rather fascinated.  By the way, it’s filled with awesome actors, from Christopher Ecclestone to Liv Tyler, from Justin Theroux to Amy Brenneman.
Go check it out! 🙂

6 thoughts on “4 Reasons “The Leftovers” is more interesting than you’d think

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  2. Great summary of the first season! I’m glad you liked my post about the premiere of season 2! I look forward to more of your reactions as this season continues!

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