5 Reasons why “A Song of Ice and Fire” is awesome (Time to Talk about Books)

I took me a while to really notice both the books of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the TV Show “Game of Thrones“. But once it got onto my radar, I was hooked. I currently reading the second part of the third book, “A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold”.
Here’s why you should check these books out:


(This is the trailer for the first season of “Game of Thrones” so you get an idea :-))


  1. The many sophisticated plotlines: Explaining to someone what the books are about is a challenge. The story is split up into so many different plotlines, each of them being important to the whole. It’s like the books only consists of main plotlines, there’s almost no part of the story which is just a subplot. Each of the different parts is so full of imaginativeness, it’s incredible.
  2. The diversity of characters: There are characters you will love and the ones you will hate. There are characters you won’t be able to name even after reading 4 books. The extraordinary amount of characters is another challenge. remembering them all takes a whole lot of time. But it’s worth it. All the people are very well describe and have depth. You should expect many of the characters to be painted rather shallowly but George R. R. Martin manages to give them all a story and a soul.
  3. The different points of view: What I really like about the books is how the chapters are divided. Each one is told from the perspective of a certain character (but still written in third person). It’s interesting to see the places through different eyes. One place doesn’t mean just one person’s view. This adds to the complexity and depth of situations, and of course reveals a lot about the characters themselves.
  4. The incredible world George R. R. Martin created: I remember thinking “how can one person come up with such an enormous world, with so many details” when I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. When I started with he books I was even more amazed. You get maps at the beginning of each book giving you an impression of how versatile the settings are. On top of that George R. R. Martin created a rich history. I didn’t realize this so much when I watched the show on TV but in the books you get so many pieces of history, I was deeply impressed.
  5. George R. R. Martin breaking the rules of story-telling: When you begin with the books you should be warned: no one is save. Usually you have a main character, who leads you through the story. But George R. R. Martin has no problem with killing of his main characters in the middle of a book. At first I was very irritated but once you get used to that it makes everything much more interesting, anything could happen!


A Game of Thrones - more than 800 pages of pleasure and pain

A Game of Thrones – more than 800 pages of pleasure and pain

I promise the books are worth reading. Don’t be discouraged by the size of the books (they all have between 500 and 850 pages with really tiny lettering). You will be hooked! Get excited and be prepared for the worst 😉

13 thoughts on “5 Reasons why “A Song of Ice and Fire” is awesome (Time to Talk about Books)

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    • Exactly, there are suprises – good and bad ones – around every corner.
      I was always fascinated that the books never bored me or seemed lengthy although it really is a lot to read.


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