Book vs. Movie: Mockingjay Part1

It’s been quite a while since I read the book but I finally found the time to hit the cinema and watch Mockingjay. The final book of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy is split up in two movies, the second one coming out next year.



The Plot:

Katniss has been saved after the Quarter Quell but this is only where the real battle begins. She’s supposed to become “the mockingjay”, the face of the revolution that’s been going on in District 13. In the Capitol President Snow has no need to become nervous – he still has a way to control Katniss: Peta is a hostage.


The Rating:

As I mentioned before, I read the book a while ago. But what I can recall is that the media aspect felt much stronger in the movie. The shooting of their war-trailers, the preparation for all that stuff, in the movie this was much more intense than in the book. On the big screen the camera always seemed to hover over Katniss, the way certain situations were exploited to manipulate the people, on the screen it really hits you.
Before I go more into detail, I need to shower the actors with praise: as always Jennifer Lawrence gave a brilliant performance. But also her co-stars Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and all the others didn’t fail to impress. Also the promising new members of the cast blend in perfectly into the world Suzanne Collins created.
Back to the actual comparison. Another point that was by far more intense in the film is Katniss’ song. When you only read the lyrics for Hanging Tree they do leave an impression. But when you hear it gives you goosebumps.
When it comes to emotion it’s of course difficult to convey them as clearly as in the book. In written form you dive deeper into a character’s soul. Although in this aspect the movie didn’t move me as much as the novel, it was still very well done.

For me the entire Hunger Games movie package is one of the few great movie adaptations. Definitely worth watching!



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