My Lack of New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of the year again where everybody comes up with drastic changes they need to make in their live and all those big vows that will be forgotten before the first week of 2015 is over.


I’m not a fan of this whole New Year’s resolution concept, for two reasons:

1. When I want to change something or do something, I do it now. Waiting for the new year often seems to be an excuse to procrastinate getting your shit together. Just because the calendar says 2015 instead of 2014 there won’t be some magical fairy that grants your wishes. What is difficult to do in 2014 will still be hard on 1st January 2015. Whatever I really want to accomplish, I don’t put off.

2. 2014 was great. Of course there were ups and downs and bad stuff that happened, but whenever I look back I only think of the positive stuff. That’s how I want to walk through life. I feel like resolution are often born out of dissatisfaction. If I’m unhappy about something I change it. Right away and not at some mystical date in the future. If there’s no possibility to change it, I stop crying over it. There’s just no use in that. Instead I focus on what was good and decide to be happy.


I also don’t raise any expectations for 2015. I’ll just be surprised by whatever comes my way. If it’s anything like 2014 I’m sure I’ll still be as happy at the 31st December 2015 as I am today.
Cheers to another year without any resolutions!

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