Movie Mania: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

Finally there was time to watch the last part of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit-Trilogy. After “An Unexpected Journey” and “Desolation of Smaug” the final chapter concludes Bilbo’s adventure and builds a bridge to “The Lord of the Rings”.



The Plot:

Thorin Oakenshild sits in his mountain and is consumed by his greed. In the meantime the people of Laketown fight the dragon and eventually come seeking shelter at Erebor. Before long they are joined by an army of elves arrives to claim some heirloom of theirs that’s inside the Erebor. When Thorin refuses to negotiate and the Orcs attack, the battle begins…



The Rating:

I went to the cinema with mixed feelings. The other two parts before this one (especially “Desolation of Smaug”) had their weaknesses so I didn’t expect too much from this one. However, Peter Jackson still managed to disappoint me.
Within the first five minutes you knew that the whole movie was just made for money. The trilogy is actually based on a children’s book with no more than 350 pages and that shows. You can clearly see that their was not enough plot for three movies, so many scenes were stretched to an absolutely unnecessary length. I’m pretty sure the entire third movie could have been cut down to half an hour without leaving out anything important.
On top of that the logical mistakes are mounting up. I am aware that we are talking about a fantasy film so unrealistic stuff like dragons etc. is ordinary here. But Legolas jumping up rocks like gravity does not exist or three rams suddenly waiting in the middle of the battlefield for the dwarves to transport them is more than little flaws. I’ve noticed this kind of mistakes in the other parts aswell but in “The Battle of five Armies” they were gravest.
In addition to that the story seems very far-fetched. Peter Jackson, do you really want to make me believe that the elves would start a whole war for a damn piece of jewellery? I highly doubt that. What made the Orcs so super angry to lead a war throughout the three movies also isn’t really clear to me. As I am talking of battles: the title of the movie itself is a joke. For a huge part of the film three armies (if that is even what you can call it, more like 2 1/2 armies) are fighting, when an orc army chimes in. That makes four. In the last 20 minutes another troop of orcs arrives, being the fifth army.
While the computer effects were well done (it seemed like 90% of the film came out of the computer) the battle was just unnecessary long. You could clearly see that there was almost no story but it had to be stretched to another movie, because that’s how you make money.
Leaving the battlefield I have to mention one more superfluous plot-part: the love story between Kili and Tauriel. It leads nowhere, this plotline didn’t really have any depth. It felt like it was just there because no Hollywood movie can exist without some romance. It didn’t contribute anything to the whole picture it was just another example of buying time to fill three movies with a story that could have been told in one film.

While the actors did an amazing job, not even the enormous number of marvellous actors is able to save this film. The soundtrack is also very well done, just like the special effects. But no matter how hard Peter Jackson tried, there is no way to deceive the intention of this films: money-making.


My advice is don’t waste your money to see this film. If I hadn’t paid I’m sure I wouldn’t even have watched the entire thing.
With “The Lord of the Rings” Peter Jackson did the impossible and became a legend. With this trilogy he is slowly ruining the status he build.
When the movie ended with Legolas being send out to find Aragorn, I couldn’t help but wonder how long it will take until Peter Jackson starts a five-part movie of Legolas’ search…




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