South Park is more than you’d expect

I recently finished watching the latest South Park season. After putting some thought into it I came to a conclusion: Beneath all the jokes and insults, South Park is a very critical show.

It’s something I noticed especially during the last two seasons. Looking at the topics they touched you can see that they picked up important matters. Despite the funny and not always politically correct approach South Park is dealing with relevant topics in a very critical way.


For instance a theme that carried on throught the entire 17th season: Black Friday Shopping. It was depicted how greedy the world is never getting enough and always on the hunt for the next good deal. Or in the latest season where issue of tapping games was raised. Stan got addicted and spent all his money on games where you don’t really do anything.

I’m not saying that everything in South Park has a deeper meaning but during the last seasons important matters were touched and dealt with. To me it’s really interesting that a show with a reputation like South Park actually puts some thought into what happens in the world and criticises  – not just mocks – it. They may show the criticism in an exaggerated way but nontheless it has thruth in it.


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