One Week of Christmas +2: The Sound of Music

Last year I wrote about the seven movies I like most during the christmas time. As I was thinking about those film I realized there are two more I completely forgot to mention. The first on is Edward Scissorhands, the second one is The Sound of Music, subject of this post. =)



The Plot:

We’re in Salzburg in 1938. The young postultant Maria is sent to Captain von Trapp to take care of his children. The happy and cheerful woman is happy about her new task as she never really fitted in at the abbey. After some time the children warm up to her. But as a romance starts to begin between Maria and Captain von Trapp the Nazis take over Austria…


The Rating:

I recall an English lesson during which our teacher told us about this film. ‘Till that day I had never heart of it, but appearantly The Sound of Music is a big thing in English speaking countries. Our teacher informed us that in the UK this movie is a firm part of the Christmas traditions and many people really believe that it depicts life as it is in present day Austria. However, in Austria this movie is not nearly as famous, I can even remeber it ever being on TV. But this year I finally found the time to watch it.
It a very sweet and partly very sugar-coated story with historical background. The musical numbers are catchy and timeless classics. It’s funny to see  how people view us Austrians – it’s even worth watching just for that. Besides, Julia Andrews has the lead, and we all know how awesome she is with musical numbers (hello there, Mary Poppins).
The Sound of Music is nice watch for the Christmas season and I guess every Austrian should take at look at our legacy to this world :’D


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