One Week of Christmas +2: Edward Scissorhands

Last year I wrote about the seven movies I like most during the christmas time. As I was thinking about those film I realized there are two more I completely forgot to mention. The first one is Edward Scissorhands, read about the other in my next post 😉



The Plot:

This is the fairytale of a young man named Edward. As he is an inventor’s creation Edward is not like everybody else: instead of hands, he has scissors. Well after the inventor passed away Edward is discovered by Peg Boggs. She takes the lonely boy in and he ultimately falls in love with her daughter Kim. But this is a Tim Burton movie, and we all know he’s not the guy for a happily ever after.


The Rating:

This movie has it all: characters you’ll love, characters you’ll hate, fairytale charm, amazing music, moments to laugh and moments to cry. Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp give the cutest couple, and Depp’s portrayal of Edward is heart-melting. In fact the whole movie makes you want to hug the poor let but without an over sentimental feeling. Although you’d wish for Edward to have a happy end, the sad vibe fits perfectly and the not so happy ending is the best conclusion Tim Burton could have found for the film.
The movie warms your heart and leaves you with a tear in your eye. And it animates you to appreciate the ones you love a bit more, without giving you the feeling of a teacher in your ear.
Edward Scissorhands has the complete package. A must watch!

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